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Snow Removal Services

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Snowfall in Ontario, Canada, is not something we take lightly. Trust our team to provide timely and thorough snow removal services!

As snow piles up, your property, home, and safety are at risk.

Uncleared snow can wreak havoc on your home - causing ice dams, clogged gutters, water damage and mould! It can also increase the chance of flooding on your property and damage your concrete.

The solution?

Ensure you have a snow removal team at the ready!

Our Snow Removal Services:

  • Snow Blowing
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Snow Plowing
  • Salting/Sanding

We also offer both commercial and residential snow removal. So you can keep your family, staff and guests safe on your property.


Timely and Thorough Snow Removal

Good landscaping doesn’t end when the last leaf falls. It continues all winter long!

At Dooryard Gardens Landscaping, we ensure your property stays in pristine condition - no matter the weather!

Whether we’re clearing your walkway, driveway, patio or deck, we promise a job well done. Our team clears the way fast and thoroughly. So you never have to worry about being stuck inside, risking your family’s safety or your home’s!


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We’re taking on new clients throughout Quinte and Prince Edward County - both commercial and residential!

Get on our snow removal list today to ensure your property is our top priority this winter.

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